big wheels no aero

Little throwback to when the car had no aero, and I still had my Eurolines. This shot was taken on the way to Shannonville. This was literally a day after I had gotten the car back on the road from winter storage. I spent the night in my friends garage messing around with the fitment, pulling the rear fenders, and making sure everything was good to go the next morning. Gotta love those last minute setups the night before a track day.

Seeing as I’ve already sold my Supermade front bumper, I’m thinking about going back to all OEM aero this season. What do you guys think? Seeing this picture made me miss it.

Event: DRIFT-OPS x CKC Halloween 2013


Managed to make it out to the last event of the season to hang out with good friends and take some pictures. Figured I’d rent some good glass since I can’t be bothered to shoot with the kit lens anymore, so I grabbed a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II from Vistek the day before. The lens was awesome to say the least, but the cold/rainy weather made it hard to get good shots, especially knowing that if anything happened to the lens I’d have to change my name and start a new life. Those safety deposits are no joke! All that aside, it was a fun day, aside from a couple casualties, I’m sure everyone had fun, and are anxious for the weather to warm up again and start a new season. C’mon 2014!

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Got lazy as fuck last night and decided to drive my car through a Shell touch-less car wash. This happened. Fucking side skirt got smashed off during the wash. Had I not gotten out of the car to do a quick walk around after, I would have left without my side skirt, and it would have gotten smashed by the Jeep that was in line behind me.

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